DIY Cornice Board - Laundry Room

Tuesday, October 2, 2012

We finally got the cornice board finished for the laundry room! It was a project that just did not go as planned from the very beginning! I first had my fabric fail and then a change on the cornice design. I was going to use pre-made kits that you just tuck the fabric into and hang. Well I could not find one that  did not look like it had fat rolls (you know the old style with a roll at the top and bottom...not for me) or one that was long enough for my window. They are also $60 each, so no thank you!

DIY Laundry Room Cornice
 We went with good-ole-fashioned build it your self way. I bought a 6 foot board from Lowes. It was 3/4" think and 12" wide. My window is 48" wide by the way.  Richard constructed the board by cutting off the ends to make the front piece 48" and the returns 3" each.
 He made them secure by mounting 2 small triangle on each inside corner. I think large L brackets would do the same thing here. Wood glue and clamps are helpful to stabilize the pieces while you work.
Completed wood cornice frame.

I added two layers of batting and secured it with a few staples. Then add the fabric. The fabric is from a pair of curtain panels from Ikea. It was $15 for the pair! Make sure the pattern on the fabric stays straight as you staple it into place. Good tight hospital corners will give a nice finished look too.
Adding Batting and Fabric to the Cornice.
 Then we trimmed the excess fabric and batting back. To mount it to the wall, Richard added two 3" blocks with picture mounting hardware. The blocks were nailed into place and then secured with an L bracket.
Mounting for the cornice board.
 And there you have it. An easy cornice board. The project total came to $25, but I only used 25% of the fabric I bought. The board was less than $10 and the batting was on sale too. I am happy with it overall and it gives a nice touch to the Laundry room but won't get in the way like curtains or a shade would.
The full Laundry room reveal is coming soon! I tried to grab pictures this weekend, and it is a tough room to photograph...I will keep working on it!
BTW...if you were going to try and tack this project with out a handy helper or his handy tools, have the guys at Lowes cut the board down for you. Use a drill to attach the pieces with L brackets and a staple gun to secure the fabric and batting. It really is a project anyone can do!
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  1. Thanks Jennifer for the post. I have material that I have been holding on to for over a month to try this. I also love your fabric!

    1. Thanks! Good luck with your only took us 30 minutes! Your site is great! Just ordered something from PB teen. Thanks fo the tip!

  2. So pretty! I love the fabric you chose and your good old fashioned method of making a cornice board!


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