16 Months!

Monday, October 29, 2012

Our little man is 16 months old today!

He is just so precious! A little rotten, a little spunky, but a lot of cute!  He loves his Momma too, so I can't complain!

Here are his 16 month stats...
- Size: 98% head, 40% height, and 5% weight. He was sick quite a bit this month which probably contributed to the weight drop. I am stuffing him with as many calorie as possible and we will check it again next month. No need to panic yet!
- Food: His most favorite meal right now is macaroni and cheese with grilled sausage. He still loves squeeze pouches, milk, and bananas a lot too. He is starting to get pretty picky, but I am trying to work around that!
- Movement: He is taking steps pretty frequently now! Not officially walking yet, but making strides. He has a physical therapy referral, but I am waiting a little longer before I schedule anything. I just feel like it will start clicking any minute!
- Words: He has lots of them! "Mo" is Elmo and he likes to watch it every spare second he has. He is getting good at words like snack, milk, cracker, poo-poo, diaper, bye-bye, night-night...all of which help so much when I am trying to figure out what he wants. He loves to mimic me when I am on the phone and gives his best Texas "BYE" when he hangs up. SO FUNNY! 
- Health: This was rough month with repeated ER visits for asthma, a stomach bug and some colds. He is now taking a daily antihistamine, 2 steroid inhalers, and an iron supplement. I am hoping if we stay on top of all of that, then we can keep him healthy.

Tripp, you are so precious. You are loving and engaging to everyone you meet, you always have a song in your heart too. I think you have such a special spirit and I can't wait to see how God will use your story as you grow up. We are working to get you tip-top healthy and still so grateful for all that God has brought us through already. 

Love you my gentle warrior!


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