A Yucky BUG!

Tuesday, October 9, 2012

We have been plagued by a yucky bug for the last 9 days! Here is the run down of how it looked:
- Day 1 - Mia wakes up in the night vomiting
- Day 2 - Mia rests all day, but feels much better. She missed school though.
- Day 3 - Mia wakes up in the night vomiting, feels pretty puny and missed ballet class.
- Day 4 - Mia feels better and goes to school! 
-Day 5 - I wake up in the night vomiting, Tripp wakes up that morning vomiting. Richard stays home from work to take care of Mia and Tripp and I rest all day.
- Day 6 - Everyone good all night and in the morning. Richard comes home sick from work though. He rests all day and decides he feels good enough to go on our double date night. We dropped off the kids at childcare, get to the restaurant, sit at our table...then it hits me again! I tell Richard to call our friends and tell me we HAVE to go home, double date night is canceled! I was sick all that evening and night.
 - Day 7 - Richard wakes up in the night vomiting. Now we are ALL in bad shape. Tripp is feeling weak, and Richard and I can hardly get out of bed. 
- Day 8 and 9 - SLOW recovery, but not great!

Today is day 10 and we are back amongst the living. I think everyone has kicked this bug that definitely comes in two big waves. Now it is time to get the rest of our life back in order. What a mess! Anyone else met this bug yet...I pray you don't! I think this is our first time for the whole family to be down at the same time. What a ride!

Mia playing with my phone. She was clearly bored with her current lot in life!

Here's to a healthy rest of the week!


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  1. I think the same bug is going around ATX. A few friends (that I spent time with this weekend) are sick, and I'm just praying I don't get sick. I think of all the kisses I gave Trent and drinks we shared...scary!! The thought of being pregnant and barfing scares me too. Ha!


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