Fabric Fail!

Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Have you ever ordered fabric from Australia? No? Me either, until I found the perfect red laundry bird fabric on etsy. I fell in love with it and just knew it had to be part of the window treatment in the laundry room. In my excitement to rush and order it, I did not read the fine print. Here in the states when you enter "1" in the quantity box, that means 1 yard. Be warned....it does not work that way everywhere! What arrived was a small square of fabric. Totally not useable! Ordering more won't work, because the repeat would be all off. I could just order a whole new larger piece...but it would cost around $100 to get enough. I forgot to mention...my square of fabric was $24!

I was bummed! Ikea to the rescue! I was browsing in the store and saw these lovely curtains. At $15 for a pair of panels...I was sold. It does not have the fun whimsy of the first fabric, but the color and graphic detail are good, the price can't be beat! I am going to use it on a cornice. I am looking at buying a no sew kit and "sounds" really easy, stay tuned to see if it works!

Richard made some great Laundry Room progress while I was gone. Cabinets are installed and hooks are hung for bags. We just need to order and install the backsplash and hang this lovely new light fixture! 

Use your imagination...it will be great! Hopefully.....



  1. I love that fabric too, and had pinned it from Etsy... may have been from your pin :) What a bummer that it did not work out!! Can you make a basket liner or something like that from it? Or use it to cover a mat in a picture frame?


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