Silver Dollar City Preschool Style!

Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Some of my most favorite vacation memories are from going to Silver Dollar City in Branson, MO. We spent most of our days on the lake, but we always scheduled in a little time for this "blast from the past" amusement park.

We were able to squeeze in a visit on our road trip last week. The weather was perfect and the kids had an absolute blast! Here are the pics ( these are unedited since I am away from my computer...sorry!)

Mia in front of the sign...I probably have a pic exactly like this from MANY years ago!

T enjoying the frozen lemonade. Big fan!

Mia and pops on the "roller coaster" He is in a teal hard to say who enjoyed it more!

The kiddos and I on the hopping frogs....

....and the butterflies. Thrilling rides people! Ps you will see a lot of my chambray shirt in the trip pictures because it is way colder here than I planned for. It is my "jacket" for this trip.

Ya-ya and Mia on the flying elephants.

And the teacups.

Splash pad fun!

Ya-ya steals some snuggles...

Giant nerf ball area. They could have stayed here all day. Giddy with excitement and awe!

Working together to send the balls up the vacuum hose. I think they thought they could actually clean them all up. "A for effort" until they all come raining down again!

And the after picture. Worn out but totally worth it!

Thanks to Pops and Ya-ya for a great day!

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