Splashin' with our PG!

Friday, August 3, 2012

Happy Friday! I am SO glad that it is here. We have had sick kiddos and crazy heat which make for some serious house arrest! No one in my family is good with that, we like to be out doing fun stuff. 
We decided to brave the heat with our playgroup yesterday and I am so glad we did! Everyone came over here for splashing, mini pizzas, yogurt and juice boxes. We had some good laughs and are fun tank was filled up again, FINALLY!
Here is the fun recap:
We laugh A LOT!

One Mom was so excited to get here, that she wore two different shoes! Admit it ...we have all done it! I have been known to leave the house in my slippers!

Beautiful Claire

Squishy Adorable Kyle

PO'd Sloane! No a fan of the water!

And of course....it is not a party until somebody has to go to timeout! I have no idea where she gets her dramatic flair from :)!
Thanks for coming to play with us ladies. Playgroup is so good for my kiddos and especially for me! Have a great weekend!


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