Shared space for a boy and girl

Thursday, September 6, 2012

Have you considered having your children share a room? What if you have a boy and girl? Is is still possible? Can the space be "decorated" or will Tinkerbell and Spiderman just collide? Designing a room for a boy and a girl is no small project, but it can be done!

I just finished a design for a sweet blog reader. They are expecting baby number 3 very soon and it was time to do some reshuffling! She wanted a fun, preppy space and bunk beds were a requirement due to space issues.

Here is the layout:

Here is the bed wall. It will be painted a dark navy. The rest of the room will be a warm white. Navy is a great color this season and is very gender neutral. It looks great with white and most bright colors. It sets the perfect back drop for this room. I layered in the pink and green to designate "her" space and "his" space.
 The rest of the room... I worked in as much storage as possible so the room can stay organized. A desk to share with individual chairs because a great homework spot too.

The response to the new design services has been so great. I LOVE getting to meet and work with new people. Check out the services tab for more information!



  1. 2 questions -
    I want to do navy chevron curtains in my toddler's 'big boy room' - have a good recommendation? I was going to go through Etsy but thought maybe you knew a good resource.
    I am also stealing Tripp's letter wall - what size did you get? 6 - 12" or 8 - 16"? It's going to be the only thing on one wall, but it's not a huge wall, so I just can't decide...not that they are THAT different.

    1. I ordered the larger letters, but it was a pretty big wall. I will have to think about the curtains, but I think west elm has a good option...

    2. It's a short wall in the room, which is why I'm now stuck. My sister thinks I should go bigger, ha. I decided to attempt a DIY 'no sew' project for the curtains and ordered the fabric from What would have cost me $180 on Etsy, I can make (hopefully) for about $70!! Here's hoping! sis is probably going to have to combine her son and daughter into 1 room as a surprise #3 is coming, and I sent her the link to this shared space, and she really likes it! So thanks for the inspiration for us both!!

  2. LOVE the plan and I can't wait to make it a reality!! Thank you Jennifer!! My kids love their "new" room too!! :)

    1. Oh good! I am so glad you like it! Can't wait to see how it turns out :)!


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