Coffee Table to Bench - Easy DIY

Tuesday, September 25, 2012

We tackled a little DIY project this weekend and I am so excited for the results. We had a narrow coffee table in our formal-living-room-turned-playroom that got moved to the garage several months ago. The table was $50 from Walmart 10 years ago! (Newlywed budget!) Not great, but it had served it purpose for many years. I had left over chevron fabric I had used for a photo backdrop for Tripp's 1 year pictures and it needed a good home. So...a new cute bench was born!

I have to admit, that I am horrible at taking before or process pictures. I am just never sure if the project is going to work or not, so I talk myself out of it. So, you will have go with my written instructions over pictures. SORRY!!!

Here an example of what the table looked like. It had an overhang on the top that made for easy stapling and I like that some wood was left exposed beneath the fabric. Scout something like this at garage sales if you want to tackle this project.

Here is a list of what you will need:
1. Old coffee table
2. 2 Yards of fabric 
3. King size egg crate or 4" foam
4. Nail head trim
5. Staple Gun

I used egg crate because it is much cheaper than foam, a little more hassle to work with, but at least half the cost. Just cut it to the size of the table top. I put them together with the flat sides as the top and bottom to avoid lumps. 4" of depth is pretty standard and gives a much more high end look, so don't scrimp on the height!

We removed the table top from the legs to staple on the fabric...I highly recommend that! Staple fabric really tight, but make sure your lines stay even. Do little "hospital corners" on the end to tuck the fabric. Re-attach the legs. Last step in the nailhead trim. It comes in long strips and every 5th nailhead is open. You hammer in the 5th piece and work your around. Super easy and creates even straight lines. 

Voila! A new bench! I was not sure where its new home would be, but it seems pretty happy at the foot of our bed for now. The kids have already made themselves very comfortable on it while watching Mickey Mouse. Oh the glamours of designing in a kid's world!

Let me know if you have any questions about the process. I am happy to answer them!

Here is Mia trying out the new bench. She was all dressed up for picture day at school!


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