Donut Day!

Monday, September 24, 2012

I think guys all know that my family lives and dies by donut day! Not just any donuts either...we love the Donut Palace. They recently made our allergy saga a little easier too. I am posting all about it on DMB today, so go check it out!

Dallas Moms Blog



  1. I love your commitment and zest for life and your family! I'm recently married and not only gained a wonderful man for my husband but also gained 3 wonderful stepchildren!! The two younger children (boys, 9 and 12) are both very allergic to tree nuts...i have tried to find out if our local donut palace is safe for them, but have had no luck. Any suggestions for research?? The owners dont speak much english and i've asked but they don't know..

    1. I asked our Donut Palace if they were a chain and she replied that the only other one with the same recipe in in Wylie. One great way to see if your donut place is nut safe is to see if they have any topping on their donuts with nuts on them. I would say if ANY of the donuts have visible nuts, avoid all of their donuts. If you don't see any nuts, then I would think it is safe to try glazed or cake that don't carry much risk. Isn't it frustrating the store clerks don't know the ingredients! I have also been using an app call Allergy Eats to check restaurants' ingredients in our area. I hope that helps some!


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