NorthPark Therapy!

Monday, February 20, 2012

Ok...this weekend needs to go down in history as one of my least favorites! T man was teething something awful! Both of his top teeth starting coming in on Thursday and by Friday night, he could not eat or sleep. To add to it, Richard was with his middle school small group at D-Town (Disciple Now) so I was going at it alone. He was able to come relieve me for a two hour nap Saturday afternoon, but then I had to tag back in.

By Sunday morning Tripp was feeling a little better and I could see glimpses of his sweet smile again. We got to spend a little time with Daddy yesterday afternoon. He escaped bright early this morning to get back to work. Am I the only one whose husband had to work today???

So all that sob story to say, WE NEEDED SOME THERAPY! The kind only NorthPark can provide! So after T's morning nap, we set off on an adventure. I wanted to make it a fun destination and not just about the shopping. Here is what our trip looked like.

First things first, Tripp needed retail therapy for all of the pain he endured. We stopped at Nordstrom and got him these cute little Sperry's.
 Then we headed for the very important Sonic drinks and some burgers. Did you know that they refill your drink for you??? Can't beat that deal! Once lunch was done, we went to find the ducks and turtles. Mia also slid on the wall outside of Neimans. I have heard that kids have been doing that for 30 years. Cool tradition!

Then we continued to stroll the square and came to the fountain. We played there for several minutes and even tossed in some coins. Then it was time for a treat! We went to Starbucks for my new obsession, the salted caramel square and M picked a pink cake ball. We can call it sugar therapy. It was delish.

Then it was off to the Disney store to watch some music videos and color a picture. Tripp was mesmerized by the big screen. Boys must be born with an affinity to electronics!

 Then it was time to head home, even Mia agreed that we had all of the fun we could. It was a great therapy session. We left with happy hearts and tired eyes. They are both napping now. Oooh...maybe I will join them.

Happy Monday Everyone!


  1. Oh so sorry about Tripp's teeth! Boo!! If T wasn't off today, Jack and I would have joined you guys at NP! Sounds like you all needed that therapy!

    I'm having withdrawals. And, when we pulled up to our house after being gone Jack calls out MIA! MIA! Ha! Call you tomorrow and maybe we can come play!

  2. oh, how this post made me miss northpark. and dallas. we moved from dallas about 3 months ago to the tiny town of beeville, tx and there isn't even a target here. it's sad. northpark was always our saving grace - we loved the walking, the people-watching, bookmarks library, and starbucks. and it was a great way to sneak in a little cardio ;)

  3. This is my kind of therapy!! I live the DFW area and I love me some Northpark Mall!!

  4. Tripp,

    It's ok little buddy. Uncle 2Billz has cankles too ;)


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