Funny Friday

Friday, February 10, 2012

Ok...I have a new series I want to start. Sometimes I think the posts give the wrong impression of our lives. While we do live with pure joy, life is not without its daily mishaps and moments that you just have to laugh at. So I present you, "Funny Fridays" to let you in on a few of the less glamorous or humorous moments of the week.

1. Recipe you have to try: Kitchen Floor Banana Nut Muffins. What, you have not heard of these, they are delish! I got up early and made banana nut muffins from scratch. Then, on my way to put them in the oven, crash! Not face up and you would hope, but upside down on the kitchen floor. Now I was left with a serious decision. Do you or don't you save the muffins??? All that work, Mia was hungry, I was tired. So I went for it. I scraped them back into a bowl and redistributed in the muffin tin. Are you gasping??? I justified it by that fact we don't where shoes in our house so are floors are moderately germ free and by assuming the 400 degrees in the oven would take care of the rest of anything yucky. They were yummy and we all survived!

2. "UGGGHHH!" This is a new expression in our house. Mia picked it up from Nigel on the movie, Rio. So cute BTW, you must see it! Now anytime she gets frustrated or thinks I am frustrated that is what she says. So funny!

3. Tripp is now fully on bottles and I find myself selecting the bottle nipple size based on how quickly I need him to eat. Is that wrong??? If we need to get somewhere, its a 3. If I want to read blogs or Pinterest, I select a 1 or 2. He is totally adaptable and does not seem to mind. I just thought I should confess that!

4. Lastly, Mia and I have been working on preschool valentine activities as I try to explain the holiday to her and talk about Love as God defines it. So inconclusion to our obviously productive learning time,  I asked Mia who her Valentine is (hoping she'll say Jesus or Daddy). Her response "oh Mommy, I have LOTS of valentines." Oh that girl!


  1. Haha I love this post. I would have totally cooked the muffins and depending on what I need or want to do I will prop the bottle up for Hattie or hold and feed her.

  2. Jennifer, you are such a gem, I am so blessed to have you in the family. I share you advice with so many young moms at my work! Hope to see you soon! love, Great Aunt Heather!

  3. Great post!! Love the muffin story. I bet they were still super tasty!

    And Mia's Valentines comment- LOVE it. Don't tell Richard but I think Jack is one of them.

  4. so this is random, and doesn't go along with this post, BUT, I saw this and it made me think of you..

  5. Tripp's bottle confession is the best...something I would totally do!


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