Good bye office, Hello craft room!

Thursday, February 16, 2012

Oops... I accidentally started a new project! Back in far, dark corner of our house we have a mystery room. When we bought the house, they used it as a kid play room. We then used it as our home office. It has scary 1960's linoleum and dingy wainscotting. We recycled the office furniture from our first house and just made it work. When I decided to work from home, I requested that it get a face lift. We painted the wood work, installed new hardwood floors, but kept the massive wood office furniture.

Flash forward 3 years and that room still does not work for us. The wood desk was not laid out for modern technology and with 2 small kids in the house, no one really has the luxury of tucking themselves away to work on the computer. Our Mac lives on the kitchen bar most of the time. So....I got a whim to list the furniture on craigslist and just see what happens. It sold in days!!! I had $700 burning a hole in my pocket, so I set off to Ikea. I manage to spend ALL of the money in 2 hours with Tripp in tow. Impressive huh? 

It will soon be a craft room. We will do preschool in there, wrap gifts, do crafts, and it will serve many storage needs. Below are some inspiration pictures for the space. 

Navy and green, I am also adding splashes of teal.

Great office pic from pinterest...source??? Love the white and green. So clean looking!

Ikea cabinetry. We are doing billy bookcases to look like built-ins. This is the Hemnes unit. Cute, but not in the budget.

My love! This wallpaper will line the back of the bookshelves.

We are making progress on the room, hopefully I can show the completed pictures soon. I am loving using pinterest for creative storage solutions and DIY inspiration.

And I leave you with the Before, Before picture and the New Before picture. Hopefully the new After picture will be the last one for this room for awhile!

The Before Before picture.

The New Before picture. Goodbye Big wood desk!


  1. Can't wait to see it all finished! And it isn't fair that we go like 10 days straight seeing each other to a whole week without!! My kids miss your kids already!!

  2. You have a great eye for design! Oh how I'd love to have a craft room! Maybe someday! I'm eager to see how it turns out! :)


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