Rug Switcheroo!

Tuesday, April 30, 2013

After completing the entryway project, I was bothered by the way the dining room and entryway looked together. My main problem was that the rugs were competing with each other. Doesn't it always work that way??? One thing leads to another.

So...I did what every any patient, content  woman would do and bought another rug on impulse. It was perfect, great deal, and brought in the dark blue that is on the dining room walls. I HAD to buy it!

Well my husband reacted just like I thought he would. He said where is that going? What are doing with the old one, and how much did that cost? Sound like anyone else's husband. God gave him to me to keep me in line!

Well I had no thought through all of his questions...but I came up with a quick solution! I listed the old rug on Craigslist and 12 hours later I had cash in hand for it! AND I almost broke even between the two rugs! How is that for a plan?!?!?

Here is how the dining room looked with the old rug.

Here is the full view of the old rug. Lovely, but just not going with my black and white entry way.

Here is the new rug! A natural fiber Jute rug with a subtle color weaved in it too. I love how it makes the dining room feel more casual and comfortable and no longer competes with the entryway. Yay! If only all of my crazy plans came together this way!

I will have to take full pictures of the dining room fully assembled later, it is under going a transformation for the Princess Tea Party. Here is a peak...

That red rug was never going to work in this pastel party theme either! This rug switch was just meant to be!

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