A little Bold and A little Funky Living Room Design

Monday, April 29, 2013

I have been working on a living room design for a fun family. He is a percussionist and she is a photographer, so they have creative flowing through their veins! I recently bought a new home and wanted a living room design that would set the tone for the rest of the house. 
The home is lovely, but simple and traditional right now. I proposed bringing in some bold elements that would update the feel of their house and better capture their personalities.
Here is the design plan:

Bold red and gold elements tie into their existing furniture and artwork. Modern touches bring life to a traditional family room.

Here is the layout for the new space. I had to think through this with built-in and fireplace on the same wall.
This layout will maximize the view to both while encouraging cozy conversation too.
Here is the existing living room. The artwork was the inspiration for the new living room as well as the existing furniture pieces.

Here is the new living room. The bold curtains will frame the view to the patio. The back of the built in will be painted red while the wall are going to change to a warm white. I left plenty of space for her to display her photography in an eclectic collage too.

It seems most a lot of my clients love red. Either that is just a happy coincidence for me, or they find me because I love red too! Either way, I am always happy when I can put red in a design!


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