Puppy Love!

Monday, April 22, 2013

Well puppy fever got the best of us me and we brought home a precious baby this weekend. I would like to introduce to you ZaZa Puppy (Mia gets full credit for that one)! She is a Soft Coated Wheaten Terrier/Lab mix and we adore her! 

She has a lot of personality and just generally sweet and affectionate. She is intimidated by this big world and likes to hang close to her people. The kids are doing well with her, especially Mia! Tripp and her are battling over who is going to be the lowest man on the totem pole around here, but we will make sure Tripp wins that battle :). 

She should grow to 30-50 pounds and should not shed at all. Yay! Her personality should be fun loving, but strong willed. Kind of like the other females in her house!

Here are some pics of the precious baby!

Something seem backwards here? Tripp in the run, ZaZa out???

Pretty girl. She should lose most of the dark hair and be wheat colored when full grown.

Miss Wrigley can't decide what she thinks. ZaZa won't give up until she loves her!

My girls!

Sweet baby.

She is a little thing, huh? We are used to big dogs around here, so she seems SO tiny to us!
We are so glad that she has joined our family! Now if we can just remember how to train a puppy. Do they make a PuppyWise Book??? I speak baby way better than I speak puppy! Advice is welcome!


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  1. so fun!! she is just precious! i remember when y'all brought wrigley home as a puppy:) such cute pics!


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