Painted Striped Curtains

Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Have you search high and low for the perfect thing you have in mind and you just can't find it? Isn't that SO frustrating?!? Well that is what happened when I was looking for curtains for a recent design project. Remember the world travel office design?

I wanted orange and white curtain panels. Not too feminine, not too busy, maybe graphic. I wanted a good orange, not like a circus orange. So guess what I did? I just made them!

I painted 10" stripes on canvas ikea curtains and I think they turned out great. It was a pretty quick project and I used this tutorial to help me. I did not use a fabric medium as she suggested, and I had  some spots that did not take the paint well enough in the sun. I wonder if it would have helped and save me the touch up step??? Not sure though...

Here are few process pictures...the green frog tape worked like a dream!

What do you think? Would you tackle this project?



  1. Hi Jennifer! I am so happy to hear you tried out my painted stripe curtain tutorial. I love how mine turned out - they make a huge statement. But you're right about light shining through, I think this could be fixed by doing a second coat of paint. Or you could line the curtains with black-out material. Thanks for linking back to Southern Color!

  2. I think they turned out incredible! Thanks so much for sharing! Orange is a great color choice ;) and your moodboard is so fun!


    1. Thanks Jen! I am SO glad you stopped by, love your blog!

  3. I am thinking of doing exactly the same for my son's room for a cheap fix :-) I am searching for tinted paint. What exactly is that? just any paint I would like that has a color to it? Thanks. Your curtains look great!!

    1. I just used Latex olympic paint from Home Depot. They can mix it in any color you would like and they have TONS of colors to choose from. Good luck!


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