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Friday, November 30, 2012

We had a fun and very busy week, so I thought the best way to catch up was a good 'ole instant update via instagram. Here it goes!

We had our last ballet class. The recital is next week! She is such a sweet ballerina.

All the cuties!

I can't wait to see her dance. My family still talks about my ballet recital when I was her age. Apparently I had my own way of doing things ;).

Christmas crafting with some of my favorite ladies. We made yarn wreaths.

They were easy and fun! 

My wreath is hung on my newly embellished chalk board.  My sweet husband wrote this Christmas message. He has some serious hidden talents!

We have a long list of Christmas must do's. First off...Northpark trains!

We go see the trains with our playgroup every year. As always, my kids think it is cool for about 10 minutes.  Maybe as Tripp gets older (and taller) it will be more exciting to him.

Mia has discovered the Wizard of Oz Movie. She loves the dress like Dorothy when she watches it. She always takes it off at the end when it gets a little scary. Maybe she feels like she should not look like Dorothy when the witch is looking for her...silly girl!

We had our DMB Date Night last night. Studio Movie Grill really rolled out the red carpet for us. It was a great night out!
Happy Friday everyone! I hope you all have a great weekend getting ready for the holidays! Our list includes a trip to the Farmer's Market Christmas festivities, lights on the house, and picking out our tree. LOVE this time of year!


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