I miss Nate.

Friday, November 9, 2012

There is a small little hole in my world this fall. A sad feeling I get some days around 2:00 when my kids are napping and I don't want to be productive. My habit for the last few years is to sit down with a diet coke and watch the Nate Berkus show until the kids woke up. This fall, that is just not an option anymore. I think the part that really hurts is that he just silently went away. No big goodbye. What are you thinking NBC!?!?

On another note, NBC also canceled The Singoff. A favorite of ours. Not cool NBC, you are off my list!

Anyway, back to Nate. As I  was saying...I now have a sad heart and an empty DVR. Nate is still around thank goodness, just not on TV anymore. Have you seen his new Target line? It has some pretty great stuff!
Nate Berkus for Target Collection

Small Chevron Urn 10.25"
Chevron Urn

Sculpted Branch Lamp 18"H
Sculpted Branch Lamp
Decorative Pillow 18 x 18 Gold
Gold Accent Pillow
Nate Berkus Ikat Link Bath Towel
Ikat Bath Towel

Anyone else miss Nate? Have you bought some of his new items to make yourself feel better? I think I need to.

Happy Friday, have a great weekend!


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