Spring Cleaning - Master Closet

Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Spring Cleaning Fever has hit me! What is it about the winter that makes things become dusty and unorganized. Or even better question, what is it about warmer temperatures that makes us want to purge everything?!?! Well...regardless of how I caught the bug, I definitely caught it.

First victim on my list...my master closet. Don't tell anyone, but I JUST cleaned out the maternity clothes. 8 months to leave those crowding my closet is crazy! It feels like I have so much more room now (hmm...maybe I need to go shopping).  My organizing sickness was caught by the hubs too. To anyone that knows him, that is a big deal. It is rare that he wants to organize things, he is more of an "order in the chaos" kind of guy. Even his co-workers have given him a hard time for it. (Love you Dear!) But anyway...he really cleaned his part of the closet. So much that I was able to snag a few pictures when he finished. Our closet is far from "staged" for photos, but here it is...

View from our bathroom

Shoes! The rule is: I can only have what will fit on these shelves.  It keeps the shoe collection in check!

I am trying out sorting my clothes by color. I have tried sleeve length and that just was not working for me. Anyone have a method they just love? It seems on decorating shows they only put in one color and type of clothes to make the closet look good. Not really practical!


Tall boot solution! My boots were driving me crazy. They were too tall to fit on the shoe shelves, so they sat on the floor. I saw these hangers at Ikea and problem solved. They are padded pant hangers, so they don't damage the boots. I was thrilled!

Richard's side of the closet...impressive huh? We had the pant rack installed when we built the closet and it has really helped keep him organized.

This may look like an unsuspecting drawer, but it may be one of the best marriage savers ever...
(ignore our stack of ugly "dog" towels" btw)

It is an ironing board!!! It folds up so nice and neat, so now the iron is never left out! We used to really argue about that one!

Well there is a small tour of our master closet. Not perfect, but a pretty functional space all in. Anyone else have the spring cleaning bug? What is on your list???

IHeart Organizing


  1. 2 comments: 1) In the same article you mention that your restricted by the shoe space that you have and then subsequently tell the world how to store extra boots on hangars. Something doesn't feel right???

    2) I'm honored to hear that you believe there is order in my chaos.

  2. Can I please move into your closet? I'm inspired! Spring cleaning, here I come!

  3. your closet looks totally awesome! Congrats on the successful makeover!


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