Grandparent visit

Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Richard's parents (Grancy and Pops) came to visit last weekend. We had some great outdoor activities planned to take in our beautiful spring, but Dallas had other plans for us. In the last 12 months it has rarely rained around here, but the two huge rainstorms have been on weekends they were visiting. They live in the panhandle, so we can't really blame them for bringing it with them though. Maybe snow...but not rain.

Plan B on our Dallas "to do" included a trip to Grapevine mall. We planned to go to Legoland and the Aquarium there, but so did the rest of Dallas! Word the the wise, pre-buy your tickets and go at random times. I had no idea it was such a destination!

Plan C - Build a Bear! Mia had never been, and was so entertained. She made a Weeney Dog named Ranger. Ranger has a baby too and we named it Santa Clause. Don't ask...because there are not words to explain how her little mind works! Here are some pics of our outing.

Grancy, Mia, and Pops and Build-A-Bear

Ranger about to have his "procedure"

Sweet girl getting his heart ready

Making him good and squishy!

Squish test...yep squishy approved!

Pops helps give Ranger a bath.

She leaves with her loot. She came away with some good stuff! Two dogs, one outfit, several hair accessories, collar, leash, and some flowers. Even Tripp scored a new elephant!

Then it was off to lunch at the Rainforest Cafe. She was not a fan of the huge Gorilla behind her.
Nope, still not a fan! 

Tripp thought it was great, such a boy!

Mommy and Tripp. I asked Richard to please inform me when you can't see my eyes because of my bangs in the next picture he takes. His reply..."Well Jenn, they are always there." Hmmm food for thought.

Thank you for a great weekend guys. We enjoyed it!

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  1. #1. Tripp's eyes are AMAZING
    #2. Love Mia's 'scared of gorilla' face- looks just like you at that age!


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