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Friday, March 23, 2012

I am ashamed to report...I don't have any good material for today. Richard traveled this week, Tripp had big appointment for his allergies, Mia started swim lessons. We just did life!

Mia did say one funny thing that I can recap for you.
Mia - "I want to watch a movie when we get home."
Mom - "It is bedtime sweetie, so no movie." (Toddler screams and starts kicking the seat in the car.)
Mom - "Mia, don't kick the seat please, and remember, we don't throw fits." (Toddler continues fit as above.)
Mom - "Mia, now you have receive a consequence for that behavior."
Mia - "Sorry Momma, I love you, sorry, sorry, sorry."
Mom - "Thank you Mia for saying sorry, you are forgiven, but there is still a consequence."
Mia - in a shout "Mom, you are supposed to give me GRACE!"

hmmm...I am not sure we have that lesson down yet. Toddler adventures!

In other news, Mia and Tripp and playing are so well together these days and it makes my heart happy. I snapped a few pictures of them playing.

I am determined to put the finishing touches on the craft room this week and reveal it next week (umm Richard, that is a hint for you). Have a great weekend everyone!

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