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Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Whoa! That was a long blog break. I would love to say that we were on some exotic island and I didn't have access to the web, but the reality is...we have just been doing life around here!

Since my last post we have hosted playgroup (10 moms, 20 kids!), had a grandparents in town, went to zoo, and came down with croup! What a week!

I will start with playgroup and catch up on the rest in the next few days.

I want to give a shout out to our amazing playgroup! It all started 3 years ago when we all had new babies. We met at Watermark's Square One a ministry for new Moms. After meeting at the church for 6 weeks with leaders, they set us loose on our own to form a playgroup. We have been getting together every Thursday since then. Our times together are crazy for sure, but our kids love each other so much and we get to fellowship together as well. We solve major world issues like which diapers are best and how to transition out of cribs! I love all of the ladies, Thank you for being my sanity over the last three years! Round two of kiddos is basically complete (we call it PG2.0) and round three is already in the works (not at our house, don't misread that!).

Here are some pictures of the fun chaos!

Crazy right??? We love every minute of it!

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