Tripp is 5 months!

Tuesday, November 29, 2011

My sweet boy is 5 months old and when I say sweet, I really mean it!!! He has the happiest disposition of any baby I have ever been around. He loves to smile and laugh and never takes life to seriously. His happiness is so infectious and really good for the soul. He has discovered how to bat at his toys and does so with some gumption! He sleeps pretty good and doesn't really get upset when he hasn't gotten enough sleep. We have not tried any solids foods yet, 1 more month due to some suspected food allergies. He is filling out, but not tipping the scales yet. His favorite things are beat boxing with Daddy or being tickled by Mommy. He things Mia is pretty great too!

Happy 5 months little guy! You bless us beyond what we can put into words! Love ya!

Getting a bottle from "Sissy." She loves to help out and he tolerates it well

Cuddle time with "Sissy". I think they were watching Dora.

Why yes, those are pearl buttons on this outfit!

A play-mat session. Arm is ready to take a swing at some toys!

Photo shoot on a mirror. He thought the baby in the mirror was pretty fun to play with.


  1. Love it! He is such a cutie and getting so big. I was just about to email you we need to get our wee-bits together before they are crawling - if both sets could stay healthy!

    Loveeee, j

  2. 5 months already???? I like the mirror pics; the last one really looks like Richard!


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