American Girl Fun!

Tuesday, November 8, 2011

My sister came to Dallas last week with her two adorable children. Since Bennett turns 4 in the next couple weeks, we thought we should celebrate while she was here....and it gave us a great excuse to take the girls to American Girl!  The girls had a blast and let's admit did the mommas! Here are some pics of our fun time.

Mia and Bennett ready to go.

The ladies: Mia, Ya-ya, Haley, Michelle, Bennett, Chloe, and Sherry

Chloe and her baby

Mia and I with Baby. That is her name by the way...

They actually served lemonade in tea cups to the babies!

Chloe's sweet face when she got to give her baby a drink.

Michelle and Bennett

The decorations are adorable. These are pendants that hang over the tables.

Adorable seating and place settings. I LOVE that vinyl seat fabric!

Center Ceiling fixture. So cute! If only ceiling fans could look like this...ooh, that may be an idea!

My sweet girl!

Bennett opening gifts

Such a sweet face, she seems to be contemplating what turning 4 means.

The girls exiting with their loot. We laughed so much at this because we all look like our little girls. It was like seeing ourselves walk out of Nordstrom.

Sweet girls!

Happy Birthday Bennett! We are so glad we got to be a part of it!

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  1. I love the pic of them all walking out with their bags - a glimpse into the future! What sweet memories!


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