Halloween 2011

Sunday, November 6, 2011

We had such a fun October this year! We made some fun crafts, baked so many pumpkin things, and had fun with Halloween. It so great to see things your children's eyes! The little things in life bring them so much joy! 

Mia and Tripp in their Halloween party clothes.

Annual Playgroup Halloween Party at our house.

Mia and I had fun getting ready for this party. She helped me make everything! We made a bat tree  for our centerpiece.

"Witch Hat" cookies.

Spider ring fruit skewers

Pumpkin Pie Dip

Vege Skeleton

Spooky Cheese and Crackers

The party crew! We made pumpkin shakers and played pumpkin bowling outside. 

Halloween night, headed out in the stroller.

The princess, frog prince and Daddy.

Headed out!

The pretty princesses

The whole crew. We go trick or treating with some friends and neighbors and it is such a fun night!

We hope everyone else had a great Halloween too! Now we can focus on Thanksgiving...I have to take it one holiday at a time!!!


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