Tripp is 4 months old!!!

Saturday, October 29, 2011

PRAISE GOD!!!!!!!!! Our baby boy is 4 months old. To us, this is a HUGE milestone! He has passed Lilly in age and we can now breath a little easier that the risk factors for SIDS will just go down from here. Tripp has been wearing a heart monitor since he came home from the hospital, and I think were are almost ready to give it back. He may now take a nap or two in his crib and enjoy a much more lighthearted household. God really is so good!

Tripp is such a special little guy. He has Lilly's eyes and Mia's lips. He has a smile for anyone, and a chuckle if he really likes you. His temperament is pretty laid back and flexible as long as he is with the people he loves. He is discovering toys and how to hold them, loves music and lights, and thinks pat-a-cake is the funniest nursery rhyme ever! I am still nursing him, but he also gets some formula each day. Next milestone is rice cereal. Oh the joys of projectile baby food!

We call him Houdini because he can get out of any swaddle and has even got his arms out of his carseat. I keep trying all kids of experiments to keep him safely wrapped at night, but the score is Tripp 200 - Mom 0 so far! One of his cutest things is his drifting to sleep "song." He makes a soft whimper song that is so sweet. He would choose conversation and cooing over napping any day and would almost always pick snuggle time over eating.

Mia and Tripp are still getting along great. She loves to help me with everything I do for him and he has really warmed up to her too. He never has to worry about having enough, pacifiers, toys, or blankets when she is around!

Tripp, Happy 4 months brother! We love you so much and could not be more thrilled that you are part of our family. We pray everyday that you would grow into a man that seeks after God in all that you do and that you be a Leader in the things that really matter! We can't wait to see what that will look like!

Mom, Dad, and Mia


  1. Love this, love the picture, and love him!

  2. Happy 4 months, sweet babe!!! I continue praying for you all! HUGS!

  3. Blessings and Happy 4 months!! I was going to say when I saw the picture of him that he resembled Lilly.

  4. So sweet, God is sooo good! Love him:)

  5. He has grown so much since I last seem him, he is so adorable, just handsome you are truly blessed!!


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