Arboretum with Playgroup

Wednesday, October 19, 2011

We recently took a trip to the arboretum with our playgroup. It was the most beautiful day and the fall pumpkins were amazing! As is tradition...the kids go in their costumes. Mia was a princess and Tripp was a frog. Our playgroup has been super busy with most families either having new babies or have one on the way. Because of that, not everyone is pictured. Tripp got to take a group picture with his playgroup that we refer to as "Playgroup 2.0." Such a fun crazy life! Enjoy the pics!

"Smelling the roses"

Pretty girls, Mia and Camryn

Yes...Mia is yawning. Obviously underwhelmed by the photo op!

That is better. From the left: Jake, Mia, Hudson, Camryn, and Marshall

I know....yummy right????

Playgroup 2.0. From left: Kate, Landry, Reid, and Tripp

Princess kisses the frog!

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