"Fair Day"

Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Richard and I recently volunteered at Mia's fair day at school. It was western themed and pretty cute. Trying to explain games to two year olds is very entertaining!!!

Miss Mia was a little short for the cowboy photo op, but still pretty cute!

"Fishing" with Daddy. He worked hard to make his booth exciting, but you can see there was not much action:(.
Digging for spiders in the sand. Big hit!

Pin the tail on the donkey.
The kids could also make candy jewelry and play instruments. Being a parent is so much fun!

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  1. I first found your blog back a few years ago. I have loved watching your beautiful, Godly family grow. I love your blog but since your last few posts the font is so small it's unreadable. Hoping it gets bigger in the future.
    God Bless.


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