Grandparent Fun!

Thursday, September 8, 2011

We finally did it! We let Mia go stay at with her grandparents. It has taken a long time to get comfortable with her leaving us, and we still had a really hard time deciding up to the moment she and Ya-Ya drove away. She spent 5 fun filled days in Amarillo with both sets of grandparents. She had a great time and was so excited to get some attention that did not have to be shared with baby brother. I am sure she was spoiled and exhausted, but I am glad she got to have the experience!

Reading with Pops. The little girl on the book looks just like her!

Playing at the Discovery Center.

New Princess outfit to wear to a tea party my Mom threw in her honor. So cute!

My Mom invited her neighborhood friends over. They all dressed up and enjoyed tea. My Mom had Mia enter the room to special music and they all stood and applauded her as she entered. I am sure Mia ate it up!!!

Ya-ya and Mia. My Mom is wearing the dress she wore to my wedding. So funny!!!

Playing at Grancy and Pop's House. I don't know why she has that paci!

Concert with a Dora Microphone.

The reunion! She missed her Daddy, Mommy and Brother so much. We were just heart sick for her too!

Thank you all for showing her such a special time. I know it will always be special to her!

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