Tripp is 3 months old!

Thursday, September 29, 2011

Our little guy is 3 months old today! Time is going so fast and there are already things I miss about having a newborn baby at home. He is such a sweet boy and always happiest when he can be with the family amongst the chaos! He really only gets sad when he has to be taken away from the fun to go to bed. This is exactly like his Daddy, so I can't help but find it endearing.

His current milestones includes tons of smiles that he gives most freely to his Daddy. He has also started to chuckle which makes you melt! He absolutely loves his playmat, having books read to him (especially in funny voices), being outside, going anywhere in his carseat, and his paci. He has been slower on the weight gain, so now he is getting some formula supplementation and it has made for such a happy baby. I was always so afraid to introduce formula to the girls, but I am older and wiser now and realize it is not that evil... Oh there is so much humility as a parent when you realize that you can be wrong!

Here are some pics of his third month:

Proof that he loves a little he is in the middle of a slumber party with Mia, Chloe, and Jack. He loved it!

Still smiling...what a crew! 

Playmat fun!

Truly...he can't get enough of it!

I know...adorable right???

Flirty little smile on my blue-eyed boy.

Tripp's favorite napping spot. On the patio in his bouncer chair. Maybe he will be an outdoors kind of guy?
Baby Tripp,
Words can't express how much we love you. You have already enriched our lives so much in the 3 short months you have been here. You have reminded me to let go of my selfish ambitions and trust God daily. You have also reminded us to slow down and soak in the moments in this special time of life for our family. You will be running around before we know it and I will miss you wanting to just snuggle in my lap. God is going to do such great things with your life and we are so blessed to get to be part of the journey!

Mom, Dad, and Mia


  1. I don't know if I have ever commented on here before, but I just love your blog and I LOVE your home design style :)
    Tripp is such a precious boy! I love the picture of him with the elmo towel! Baby boys are so much fun :)

  2. He is adorable!! I just switched Hattie to formula and she has been so much happier too.

  3. So sweet, cannot wait to see the little guy! the little ones are growing too fast, it has been making me so sad.


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