Tripp - 2 Months

Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Tripp's Birth Announcement

Our sweet baby boy is two months old already! Life has been crazy since he arrived, but he has cuddled his way into our home and hearts and we wouldn't have it any other way. I thought little boys didn't cuddle, but that is not true with this little guy. He loves to be cuddled and hates to be alone. Both sweet and endearing, but also difficult for napping, playing with a toddler, making get the idea. We are seeing gradual progress and relishing these sweet times because they do go quickly.
Tripp at 2 months. Gotta love the infant toothless, no-holding-back, grin!

He loves giving smiles and cooing. He has figured out how to bat at toys and it makes him so excited! He eats great and is growing fast. He is 10.8 lbs and sleeping 7-8 hours at night. Yeah! Tripp loves his pacifier just like his big sister. Speaking of big sister...she has taken to the role so well. She is attentive, loving and helpful. Way beyond my expectations of how she would be when brother came home. It is such a blessing and makes me excited to watch them grow up together.

Richard and I have a much stronger peace about his health and safety than I thought we would. Even so, the next two months will surely bring heightened anxiety. Please pray for health and God's hand of protection for Tripp.

Sweet "Bubbers" (Mia's name for him) we love you so much and our so amazed at how you have changed and enriched our lives. We are excited to watch you grow into a man and pray that you will seek after Him in all that you do.

Mom and Dad


  1. What a cutie! I am so glad he is sleeping so well at night!!

  2. Such a beautiful family!! I'm praying for your precious family in the months ahead! HUGS!!


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