San Antonio Family Vacation

Thursday, June 2, 2011

We recently took a family vacation to San Antonio. It was our first trip with just the three of us and we had a great time! Mia loved vacation and did great. She stayed up late and slept in late. None of us minded afternoon naps either! Here are the picture of our fun times.
Starting our road trip right! We stopped at The Original Pancake House for Chocolate Chip pancakes. Yum!

We made the drive down Interstate 35 and stopped for lunch in Georgetown. There were so many signs for the "Monument Cafe" so we decided it must be good! It did not disappoint at all!

Mia and Richard at the resort pool. We stayed at Wild Oaks Ranch, one of the Hyatt Resorts. It was set-up apartment style with a large kitchen, living room, and amazing master suite. It worked great for having miss M with us. The pool was perfectly toddler friendly with a walk in ramp, water slide and only 3 feet deep!

Here are Richard and Mia coming down the slide. She loved it!

The swimsuit model running out of the pool. Yes she is holding a naked baby doll. I could not find a little swim suit for her.

Richard and Mia on the River Walk. Aren't they cute???

Mia and I on the the River Boat Cruise. It was 30 minutes long and she was entertained for about 5 minutes of that. No need for the boat ride if you take your kids to the River Walk!

Sweet Mia at Dinner on the River Walk. We ate a Casa Rio. It was pretty "touristy" and not the great Mexican food you would expect from San Antonio. The birds were crazy! They had no problem landing on our table and trying to eat our chips!

Ice Cream! Isn't vacation the best. Mia and Daddy were sampling each others.

Happy Ice Cream Face!

Vacation Day 2: Starting the day at Shipleys Donuts.

We then headed to a wildlife preserve. We got to drive through and feed the animals. Mia totally loved it!

Mia looking out the window. I drove and poor Richard had to endure being climbed all over. She was too excited to sit still!

Some sort of bull with crazy horns!

Buffalo. Pretty sure he thinks San Antonio is way too hot!


Zebras! The signs say to drop the food on the ground because the Zebras will bite. We were a little reluctant because of that.

They were right! This guy ran out of food and then tried to stick his head in the window. I panicked and rolled it up and he started biting the rear view mirror. Crazy Zebras!!!

The llama.

The place had a petting zoo with mini goats. Here is Miss Mia brushing a real sweet little guy.

This little guy would not take no for an answer. He was rubbing on my leg to get me to pet him like a puppy. Too cute!

Mia souvenier and last stop at the giraffes. She now says "Zebra, watch out!" When she sees a zebra picture.

We wanted to try one of the nice resort restaurants so Richard made a reservation at Antlers Lodge. We were nervouse to take Mia, but she did great. She loved being waited on like that. They even brought her a set of mini Wedgewood silverware. She loved trying all of the different foods too. She had gourmet chicken strips, but really like my filet and Richards mozzarella on his salad and his scallops. She even made it through dessert. It was such a nice evening and we were so proud of her! I don't know that her baby brother will make it through something like that.

We ended our trip by going to Houston for John and Tara's wedding. Richard was a groomsmen and we had a great time there too!

Richard, thank you for spoiling us on such a great family vacation. I will never forget the laugther and love. It was such a joy to see the excitement in Mia's eyes as she experienced new things. I look forward to many more family trips! Baby brother will be here soon. 4 more weeks at the most, but if he is like Mia, it could be much sooner. We will keep you all posted.

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