Mia's Big Girl Room

Friday, June 17, 2011

In preparation for baby brother, we converted Mia's room to her "big girl room." She gave up her crib to her brother and has absolutely loved sleeping in the big bed. She only got up once or twice the first week, but will now stay put until we come get her. I also have included pictures of my latest organization project. Richard thinks I have lost my mind, but I think it will work out nicely!

Mia's big bed. We are still using a bed rail for safety, but I don't think she will need it much longer. The bed and rugs are from Ikea...my favorite place for kid stuff. The Euro shams are too, but have a custom applique to match them to the quilt made by Richard's Mom. Behind her name, we painted the wall the green of the lower half of the room and framed it in with an ornate frame from Hobby Lobby. It was above the crib before, but work here too.

New storage shelf and table and chairs. All from...you guessed it, Ikea! The bins are from Target's Itso line which just happens to fit the Ikea shelving perfectly!

The bins are labeled with chalk board labels so they an be easily changed.

This side of the room has not changed from the nursery. Flower decals along the bottom of the closets have lasted!

Her table has been great! We do arts and crafts, school, and tea parties all from this spot. It wipes clean so easily!
New organization project! I can't take credit for the idea. I found it on someone's blog, but I can't remember where. This is a hanging canvas shoe holder that is now on the back of my laundry room door. It is my solution to the four junk drawers we had in the utility room and 2 growing in the kitchen. I even have empty pockets left, so if you have any ideas of what to include, let me know!

It hold Richard's tools for the house on the top rows. "Launch pad" essentials for me in the middle, including sunglasses, bug spray, sun screen, hand sanitizer, diapers, and wipes. I think the bottom rows will be for Mia and little man. Maybe some "to go" snacks or things they like to take in the car.

I labeled the pockets using my label maker (yes I own a label maker....crazy I know). You could do something much cuter though. Custom printed labels, clear labels or even pictures would be fun.
One more nesting project done!


  1. Her room looks adorable! I love the colors! I'm sure Mia will be a GREAT big sister!

  2. move over Martha. Love Mia's new room. Great design and practical. Love the laundry room junk drawer! I don't think I saw any duct tape. Always looking for new reasons to use the label maker. Love you all, Aunt Cyn

  3. This looks fantastic! What a great job you've done! Her room and all the organizing both--you bring nesting to a whole new level! I thought it was enough to have cleaned out every closet and storage place in the house (except the linen closet which may NEVER get done), but you made it look PRETTY in the process! Keep us posted on how the shoe organizer works out. I want an update in a month that says whether or not it's living up to its purposes! :)

  4. I think it is a great organization idea!!!

  5. Super cute! I love her new big girl room. My sister too uses the shoe holder on the back of her laundry room door. Not sure if you keep the plastic walmart/target/tom thumb bags but she puts them in 2 spots up top. (you know away from the little ones) That way they are there if you need them....just a thought.

  6. Note if you get tired off it on the door, you can mount the shoe holder to the wall as well. It also can be hidden behind a door. These shoe holders are great for stuff! Awesome job Jennifer! Love you, Aunt Heather

  7. Awesome idea. Also note you can hang these on the wall too if you find having on the door gets to bothersome or won't shut correctly. You can hide them behind a door on the wall as well. Love these things. Great job! Love you all, Aunt Heather


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