I'm Walking

Wednesday, August 11, 2010

It's the Dad. Jenn is in San Antonio so I have complete blog control for about 24 hours. I decided, and honestly Jenn might get me, to throw up a video of her newest achievement. She is doing so great. I'm sure Jennifer will give many more updates I just wanted to get this out there. I'm so proud of her and being her father is a true blessing in my life. Thank you God for my wife and my baby girl. I'm blessed beyond what I'm due.

After about 3 failed attempts I gave up and just put the video on Youtube. Maybe my wife can figure it out. For those of you less blog knowledgeable that me, click the I'm Walking link above.


  1. Way to go, Richard! I'm proud of you for getting the blog out while Mommy is away--and great job getting it on YouTube when all else failed!

    I cried at your sweet words about being blessed by your two lovely girls... they ARE precious! We are blessed to be in play group with them! Long live good marriages and strong father figures!!

    And of course I then cried watching that little angel WALKING! Yay, Mia!!!!!!!!!

  2. Yay Mia....we knew you were so close!! It brings tears to my eyes seeing you grow up so fast and seeing your parents love you so much!! We can't wait to see the walking in person!

  3. Oh Happy Day! How totally precious...I had no doubt she would be about to walk, but seeing it for real is just so sweet. She is so proud of herself and Jenn made me tear up because I can hear how proud she is. And of course your sweet words. Mia is the baby of our girl friends so it is sad she is getting so big, but it is also just so wonderful! Bitter-sweet them growing up. Hugggggggs!

  4. Way to go, sweet girl! We are proud of you!


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