14 months!

Sunday, July 25, 2010

14 months already! I am a few weeks belated, but we have been having too much fun to stop and upload pictures. Mia is growing and changing everyday. She continues to grow into a little girl and lose her baby attributes. She is not walking yet, but she practices everyday...it won't be too long now. She pushes her baby stroller around and says "walk, walk, walk...help, help." Which normaly means she has gotten stroller stuck somewhere and needs me to give her a hand. It is too funny!

She is still a super talkative kid. She will try to say everyone's names and it now starting to insert words into songs when we are singing. Her favorites are saying "pop" in Pop goes the weasel and "bible and Mia" in Jesus loves me. She is a tender hearted, sweet demeanored child and we could not be more in love with her. I still get that overwhelmed rush of feeling so blessed like when she was a newborn. I hope it never goes away! Here are some pictures of the fun....

Trip to the Dallas Zoo with playgroup. Mia got up close with a giraffe.

He then nibbled her finger and she did not want to be friends anymore.

Checking out the elephants...much more her speed.

The setting was really beautiful. All of the animals get roam around in a very natural looking environment. It felt a lot less like a "zoo" and more like we stepped into the wild.

Zoo friends include: Kaleb, Marshall, Egan, Mia, Peyton, and Preston

We let the babies cool off in a stream. Here are Mia and Preston. Her Dad will definitely give me a hard time about this picture!
Ladies night out to celebrate my sweet friend, Kristen, turning 30.

All of the ladies. It was a great night!
We threw a tapas party to celebrate Richard's friend Kyle who is getting married soon. I was in charge of decor and Richard handled the menu with another friend, Julia. The food was great!

Picture of the dining room with first course set up. Argula salad and shrimp/scallop ceviche. Yum!
I gave the dining room a little face lift recently too. I will post pictures soon.

Sweet Mia cruising around the furniture.

Backyard pool party with the family. The commercials "Missing Something" come to mind. We aren't too proud to party in the elephant pool!
Mia just finished 2 weeks of swim lessons with a great instructor, Miss Margaret. She learned a lot of great new skills that make her more comfortable in the water and also give her a healthy fear that you only swim with a parent. She really loved it!
Our latest play group adventure was "Pump it Up" and inflatable playground for toddlers. Mia was not so sure about it. She prefers to stay planted on solid ground.
She is very upset that I want her to go through the arch into the chaos. I think she won the battle.
All the mommas and babies. From the top: Mia, Marshall, Egan, Camryn, Piper, Jake, Zane, and Jack.
What a great month it was! We recently traveled to Amarillo, our home town to celebrate some special occasions....so more to come.

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