15 Months and lots of fun

Sunday, August 29, 2010

Mia is 15 months now and as my pattern has been lately, I am late on an update! The news of the month is that she really is walking. She gets faster everyday. It really is a huge milestone for her since she only learned to crawl a few months ago...we thought it would take much longer. Her new mobility has not been without a few bumps and bruises and she does not take those things lightly!

Her verbal skills continue to astound us. She is now putting words together like "hi mama," counting to three, or saying "mark, set, GO." She keeps us laughing all of the time! We are using her timeout chair a little more often these days and she has mastered the word "sorry." It breaks your heart when she says it!

She is still a great eater and loves trying everyone else's food. She has really taken to "dip" or "deep" as she calls it. Ranch, ketchup, syrup...it doesn't matter as long as she gets to dip! She has discovered Dora and is a little obsessed! She will hand me the DVD case and the remote. Climb into her "chair" and point at the screen saying "Dorda, Dorda!" I have heard a Mom refer to Dora as baby "crack" and they are so right! What is in that stuff???

We have had a great summer with wonderful family time and an easy pace. We just got back from a week long lake vacation and I will post pictures soon. We are looking forward to the fall. Cool weather, football, consistent schedules! Richard and I are both plugging into new ministries and are really excited about what God has in store for us!

Here are some pictures of our fun this past month:

Playdate with my college roommate, Katy and her new baby Tyler at Jamie and Lainey's house.

We celebrated my dear friend, Sherry's, 30th birthday in style at a restaurant called 560.
Beautiful girl, inside and out! The cake was AMAZING. Props to Society bakery!

Crazy weekend in Amarillo to celebrate Richard's grandma, Liz, turning 80 and also my parents wedding anniversary. Here is a picture of Richard's family.
Mia and Great-grandma Liz. Happy 80 years to a great lady!

My parents cutting their cake at a reception. They renewed their vows and my Dad sang the song he sang in their wedding. So sweet!

This is a bad attempt at a family photo using the camera timer. It is good to see the reality though. When we are together it is pure chaos!
Playgroup at our house...yes it really is that crazy, but SO fun!
The kids eating at Mia's picnic table. This table now lives in our kitchen most of the time. I never thought I would be okay with something like that, but I am just a proud, happy mama now and it brings me joy to see her playing at her table! Praise God for opening my eyes to so many things!

Adorable pic of the sleeping princess. She can be such a diva! And those lips...so kissable when she is sleeping!
Miss Mia Claire, I hope you know how much you are loved. You bring us more joy than I ever thought my heart could hold. We pray that God will lead us in how to shape your heart into a beautiful girl inside and out that loves Jesus with all of it! You are a blessing!
Love, momma and dada


  1. sniff sniff... that one got the tears rolling!

  2. Looks like a fun summer. Mia is such a precious girl!

  3. Precious post...you have such a beautiful family!

  4. So good to hear an update and get pics of that sweet girl!
    That last pic is adorable!!

  5. Great pictures Jennifer, precious little pumpkin! I'm with you on looking forward to the fall structure and weather


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