Lake Trip 2010!

Friday, September 10, 2010

We had a wonderful time at our family's annual lake trip at Tablerock Lake in Missouri. It so beautiful and it just feels like home because we have been there for 11 years in a row! It is never dull when all of the baby cousins get together and Mia LOVED the lake and riding on Pop's boat. She would say "boat go" everytime she saw the water. Enjoy the pics....

The whole family...isn't the view amazing?
It is a tradition that we take this picture each year. We don't wear shoes on the boat, so this picture means a lot to us. It says that we are out having fun. I love how we have added little shoes each year.

Richard doing his thing on the wake board. Hard to believe he turned 30 last year. The funny thing is, you could not tell a difference from his first lake trip 10 years ago. Same hat, shorts, and board. What a creature of habit! You look great though, honey!

Swimming in the lake. She lost that pacifier in the water soon after this shot. She was so sad and kept calling out for "sassy." Imagine Tom Hanks yelling for "Wilson" on Castaway.

Headed to the boat. She was such a boat babe! I thought she would not like wearing all of the gear, but she was a trooper!

Mia on the boat.

Mia and I on an early morning boat run.

Picnic on the beach.
Cabin adventures. Cason devours a powdered donut in one bite. Richard and Cason finished a whole carton of powdered donuts (a lake tradition) each morning.

More cabin adventures....I gave Mia a snack of quacamole and queso. Through a conspiracy with her cousin, Bennett, she was handed baby who must have also been hungry. Both baby and Mia were covered in quacamole! It was sweet of her to share her snack I guess...

Fun at Silver Dollar City, an old timey amusement park. My sister and her family riding the bouncing frogs. This should be their new brochure with Michelle's super-model pose!

Bennett and I on the flying bugs.

Sweet picture of Richard and Mia.

Riding the train through the park. We got "held up" by some "thieves" along the way and the kids were a little freaked out.

Mia could not ride much...maybe next year...
Mom and Dad, thank for yet another wonderful, memorable, relaxing, and special vacation. It is the highlight of every summer. Can't wait to do it again! Mia...your turn to wake board next year!!!


  1. Great pictures. Let's not lie, I'm betting Cason finished those donuts by himself. :)

  2. Jen,
    I did not know your family has a house at Table Rock! So does my family! What a wonerful place to make wonderful memories. Hope we are able to see you all soon. Mia is so adorable!



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