Mia is 1 !!! Praise God!!!

Tuesday, May 18, 2010

I can't believe our sweet girl is 1 already! What an amazing year! I know I had to be stressed and full of anxiety at certain times this year...but all I can remember is how in love I am with this little girl. She is a blessing and gift beyond anything I could have ever imagined.

Moving - SHE CAN CRAWL!!! She just decided she was ready one day and took off across the room. Life will never be the same again! She is still reluctant on walking, but we are working on it.
Talking - She has so much to say...latest include "bye-bye" each time she waves, "night-night" when she is sleepy, and "nack" when she wants a snack. She can also say bubble and bible now.
Interests - She still loves her baby dolls and can now put them in and out of their stroller and push them around a little. She loves the park, swings, and slides, her new kitchen, and magnets on the refrigerator. She will stop anything to read a book and prefers to pick out her own clothes. (I try to narrow her options, but we do end up in a tutu pretty often!)
Eating - Mia eats great and just about anything we put in front of her. Our only issue is with milk. She is still nursing because she can't stand cow milk or pumped milk (sorry for the TMI). I am praying that if I keep introducing it, one day she will just love it. She is still really petite, so I know she needs the calories and calcium!

For Richard and I, this 1 year mark means so much more than just a birthday. It is a celebration that we have longed to have for quite a while. It also is a major milestone in our grief journey. We will always miss our sweet Lilly and mourn that loss at certain seasons, but we truly feel blessed by the life God has blessed us with and know that it is all for HIS glory.

Mia Claire, your Mom and Dad love you more than words can ever express. Your sweet spirit and warm heart are priceless. We know you are going to do amazing things with your life and we are so excited to watch that unfold. Our prayer for you is that you grow into a little girl with a beautiful heart and a love for Jesus. Happy Birthday sweet angel, we love you!
Mama and Dada

We threw quite a celebration to mark this special occasion. The top picture is a teaser, but I will post more soon. It was a Sweet Shop/Candyland party and we are still recovering from the sugar rush! Enjoy the other pics from the last month below.
Mia at the petting zoo. She would NOT get near the goats!

Enjoying her new Kitchen from Pops and YaYa.

Sharing her kitchen with her cousins.

Posing for daddy and Aunt Chelsi's graduation.

Aunt Chelsi graduated with her Masters from TAMU. WHOOP!

Me and my too amazing sisters! Everyone should have at least two sisters. They make life grand!

Mia and Aunt Chelsi

Detailed party pics coming soon....


  1. We join you in praising God for Mia's 1st birthday, and for all the work He has done in your lives and in your hearts. She is a beautiful blessing from God and one of the prettiest little doll-babies I have ever seen. I love that expression in the pose from Chelsi's graduation! Priceless!! I am so sad we missed the party and can't wait to see the pics. HAPPY BIRTHDAY MIA CLAIRE!!!

  2. What a wonderful post!!!
    I am so happy for you and your family and know this day meant so much to all of you!
    I cant wait to see all the pictures from her birthday!

  3. Happy Birthday Mia!! She is a cute, sweet, adorable, wonderful blessing from God. Cannot wait to see more pictures.

  4. Seriously, you are making me wait for party pictures?

    I am so happy for your family,

    Much love, xoxo

  5. Oh how we have prayed for this day! HAPPY BIRTHDAY MIA! I can't wait to see the party pics!

  6. Happy Birthday to Mia! She is beautiful! So happy to read this post! And I know what you mean about sisters... what would we do without them!? :)


  7. What a totally special day and celebration! Love to Mia Claire - birthday princess! I have some pics I need to get to you too

  8. What a beautiful 1 year old you have! Happy Birthday Mia!!! Praise God for his blessings on your family. I am sure her angel sister is always watching over her and rejoicing in her sister's accomplishments here on earth! Blessings on your day and the start of a new phase in life...the toddler years!!


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