Mia's Sweet Shop

Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Here are the party pictures from Mia's Sweet Shop Party. We had so much fun with Lollipops and the Candyland Game. I hope you enjoy the pictures!
The Invitation:
I made lollipop envelope sealers and custom mailing labels too.

The Decorations:
Walkway up to the party. Lined with lollipops and hanging candy.

Welcome sign on the front door.

Entry way table.

Sign under pergola.

Pictures of Mia from the invite photo shoot lined the back of the house.

"Lollipop" Chandelier

Dum Dum topiaries flanked either side of the candy buffet.

Mia's birthday hat and decorated high chair.

Table center pieces and placemats.

Candy Land:
Start at the Gingerbread Tree. One of them is supposed to look like Richard and the other like me. Can you see the resemblance???
Chelsi dressed as "Lolli" from the game direct the players. She was also joined by King Kandy.

From the tree to the Peppermint Forest. The game squares are made of construction paper laminated with carpet tape.

King Kandy and the Chocolate Swamp. We used brown plastic tablecloths and brown packing materials to make the pathway through the swamp.
Then on to the Lollipop Woods.
Marshall making his way through the woods.
Then the castle!!! We used pink plastic table covering attached to our playset. There was also shimmery fringe to mark the finish.

Overall view of the game and people playing it.
First one to the castle in each round won a gumball machine.

Mia was the first to win!

We also had a table where you could make your own candy necklace.
The Food!
Mia's Cake! Isn't it so cute!

The cupcakes and decorated cupcake stand.

Cake pops. We had lemon and red velvet.

Lollipop cookies.

"1" and "M" cookies

View of the whole sweets table.

The candy buffet!!! No sweet shop is complete without it! It had M&M's, taffy, licorice, watermelon sours, candy covered sunflower seeds, hot tamales, pixie sticks, and plenty of lollipops!

Food table. We served hamburgers and hot dogs, but who has time for savory food when there were so many sweets!
Happy Birthday Time!
Mia cools off with a juice box while everyone gathers around.
Richard gathering everyone so he could say something before we sang.

Of course...his sweet words made me cry! He thanked all of our friends and family for their love and support over the years. He also said, while this was a party for Mia, we were celebrating so much more than a birthday. AMEN!

Singing Happy Birthday

Mia loved the attention!

As I could of guessed, she did not dig into her cake. Too much of a lady for that!
She was okay for me to get messy though!

Family Pictures:

Mia in her chair enjoying a sucker before the party.
Check out her "M" bloomers and fabulous shoes!

Mia and I with King Kandy and Lolli. They were the hit of the party. Thanks for helping out guys!

Ya-ya and Mia's great aunts. Christie-left and Cyndi-right.

My Dad the grill master!
Mia and her joyful parents. What a happy day!
Richard's family.
My family.
The End...until next year!
I need to say special thank yous to the following people:
Shari Johns - As You Wish Events - She is a dear friend and helped me dream up this whole party.
Dimple Prints - She provided a custom party package complete with invite, candyland signs, and much more.
Mandy Sessler - She made the cookies, cake pops, and Mia's cake. So talented!
Also thank you to all of the friends and family that rolled up their sleeves and worked so hard to make the party a success. We are surounded by some amazing people!


  1. Wow jennifer looked like a fun party with lots of candy Mia is so cute and what a good idea to have a candyland theme i love candy LOL Mia is so cute looks like she had a blast!

  2. Mia looked like she had a great 1st birthday!! I love the CandyLand theme.

  3. what a FABULOUS party!! love the candy theme!! happy, happy birthday mia!! :)

  4. Ohhh ohhhh OH! What a SWEET party! I'm even more sad that we missed it after seeing all the photos and hard work you put into it! Happy birthday, Baby Girl! You sure looked purdy in your birthday dress and bloomers!!

  5. What a fabulous party! You are so creative, girl! The birthday girl looks like she had a great time! Happy Birthday, Mia!

  6. Oh my goodness, I love the party and all the decorations and such!!! everything looks so wonderful and looks like you all had so much fun!

  7. That was such a wonderful party. Your pictures were fun to see and you could almost feel the excitement of the day. So glad that life in this moment is good. God is Good!

  8. Darling party. You did an amazing job! Carli-DimplePrints

  9. Wow...what a fantastic party and celebration!!!
    That is so creative..you did an awesome job!!!

  10. What a wonderful party! Mia is so blessed to have such a wonderful mommy! So sad we missed it. Mia looked so adorable in her birthday outfit,I'm sure she just loved all the attention! Big hug!!

  11. I have thought about you all so many times as I prayed for you over and over in your time of loss. I just came over and was so thankful to see Mia's sweet one year old party! You did an incredible job! She is so beautiful and I am just over joyed for y'all. PRAISE THE LORD!!

  12. I came over from Sherry's blog. Wow, what a wonderful birthday party for Mia! Praise the Lord! I can only imagine what a joyful day it was. The pictures are so much fun!

  13. looks like y'all had a fabulous time! what a celebration! love to you all:)

  14. This party looks SO precious! You guys did such a great job! Happy Birthday Miss Mia :)

  15. OMG!!! I just came across your blog and saw your little girls birthday pictures. She is adorable and I got teary eyed seeing the pix where your husband is thanking everyone! You have a gorgeous family! If I may ask, where did her dress come from! It is PERFECT for a first birthday. My daughter is six months and I'm already planning! ;)


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