Cousin Cason is 1!

Friday, April 2, 2010

The sweet miracle baby, Cason, turned one on March 20th. He was supposed to be a "miscarriage" and instead is a bubbly, fun, and loving little boy. Praise God!

We went to Missouri to celebrate with my sister and family. Although it was a blizzard, we had a great time just being together. The party was at an old timey soda fountain. We had hamburger cupcakes, floats, and sundaes. It was too fun!

The birthday boy did not disappoint on diving into his cake, but....

He eventually ran out of steam! Here is the after picture.

Aunt Chelsi and her wild nieces.

Singing Happy Birthday
All the girls and Cason. From left to right...Chelsi, Cason, YaYa (my Mom), Bennett, Michelle, Me, and Mia. I love these girls so much!

Mia and I sharing a float.
Mia in her poodle skirt made by her Grandma-Grancy

The birthday boy greeting the ladies at his party. "How you doin?"
The cousins. It is impossible to get them to all look at the camera!
Mia and Bennett. Mia loves her so much. She will skip naps, stay up late, fall down and not cry all for Bennett. She will not do these things for me!

Happy Birthday "Sony!" We loved sharing in your special day! Love, Bob, NayNay and Mia


  1. Mia looks so happy in that picture with Bennett and the poodle skirt is too cute.

  2. Those pictures of the cousins are just absolutely precious and so so special that you will cherish forever, I know they will all be the best of friends!


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