T is 6 months old!

Thursday, December 29, 2011

Our sweet boy is 6 months old! I truly can't believe how fast the last few months have gone. He is fully a part of our family now and I don't remember life without him. He has the sweetest disposition! Happy. Smiley. Cuddly. Adorable! A little drooly thanks to his first tooth. 

Tripp weighs 17 pounds and sleeps 9 hours at night. He gets a combination of breast milk and formula and does great either way. We tried rice cereal today in honor of his 6 months and we got a horrible face and a shudder from him...hopefully it will grow on him. He consistently rolls from his tummy to his back, so I can't force tummy time anymore. He is working on sitting up, but his large head seems to be an obstacle.
T's favorite things include: Mia, Daddy, exersaucer, paci, swing (I know...way to old/big for it!), riding in the car, and sophie the giraffe. 

We are excited about the next 6 months and all that he will learn in that time. We hope to raise him in to a humble leader that seeks after God and pray that God shows us the way to do that. Tripp, we love you so much and are enamored with your sweet, happy disposition! Happy 6 months!

Mom, Dad, and Mia


  1. Sweet, sweet boy! Love that picture of him and Mia.

  2. sweet baby boy! happy 1/2 bday!!

  3. Such a precious little guy! Happy 6 month birthday Tripp!

  4. Happy 1/2 birthday Tripp! We love you!


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