Merry Christmas to me!

Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Christmas has come early at my house! I received an early present from Richard's parents and it looks right at home in my living room!

New Console Table! It is from Kirklands and works so well behind my sofa. I am so impressed with the pretty wood top and overall durability. Great value, go get you one! I added some tall red baskets for the oodles of toy storage we need and now it is so functional. A place to set my coffee, store toys, and looks good...can't beat it!

The lamps are the find of the century. They were from a random close out store that I happened upon while searching for a thrift store. Are you ready for this...I paid $6.99 each for them. Crazy! Threw on some shades from Homegoods and tahdah! All in they each cost $17. I am not finished with the lamp shades yet. I think they need a little DIY love. What do you think of the below picture?

This shade was inspired by one from Anthropologie. Would that be cute, or too much?

I had to throw in a picture of our Japanese maple. It is so red right now! We have black thumbs, but this tree continues to do well in spite of us. You can see straight out to it when you open our front door.
The living room is coming along. I am still looking for the perfect small accent table (and by that I mean cute and cheap). I also have a tray DIY project to tackle and need a few new throw pillows. So close!


  1. I like the finished product! One was plenty. You needed this for your coffee a few hours earlier!

  2. I love the idea for the lampshade, if you do tackle it will you share how??
    Merry Christmas!
    Lea Johnson Arnold

  3. You have done an amazing job with this room!! Love the sofa table and the lamps! Yes, you must do a blog tutorial after you finish the lamps. :)


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