Tripp's First Month

Saturday, July 30, 2011

Tripp is 1 month old already! I can't believe how fast that month has flown by! He got to come home after 9 days in NICU and has been doing really good since then. He is a really sweet boy with a sweet disposition. He loves to be held and snuggled, just like his sisters did. I don't know how we do it, but our babies are snugly! He rarely cries and has quickly acclimated to life with an excited toddler around all of the time.

Mia loves her baby brother and is so helpful! She has done pretty well with the adjustment to big sister. She has become a little more sensitive and has had some sleep issues that she has never had before, but we expected some minor changes like that.

Life with 2 is fun and exciting, and tiring and challenging all at the same time. Everyday gets a little bit better and I can't wait to see what great things this year has for us! Here are some pictures of my sweet family!

Tripp coming home from the hospital. He was pouting about being disturbed from his restful sleep. Such a cute pouty face!

Little man loaded in his car seat. He is already filling it out so much more now! They grow so fast!

First attempt at Tummy Time. He as NOT into it!

Cute picture of my sweet boys! Tripp loves his Daddy so much. Richard feeds him the first night feeding every night and is a master at getting him to go to sleep! Teach me wise one!

Mia and I making in door fun since it has been way too hot to play outside. We were making "S" in the shaving cream. The mess really stressed her out though and our house smelled like man smell!

Pops gets to hold Tripp for the first time.

Sissy plays with Tripp. She really loves him!
Effects of Mia playing with Tripp....OVERSTIMULATED! His eyes are so wide!

Hanging out in his nursery.

After his first bath....He loves taking baths, but hates getting out!

Photo shoot with Mom.

Another go at Tummy Time...much improved!

Sissy and brother. So sweet!

Sweet baby face. He has a lot of really dark hair. We aren't sure yet whether it will turn lighter or not yet. I think his eyes will be blue like Mia's. They are already getting lighter. Aren't those kissable lips???

Mia reads to Tripp. Of course she picked Dora!

I will try and keep the posts regular, but bear with me as I figure out this Mom of 2 thing!

Happy one month Tripp! We love you so much and are so glad that you have joined our family. We pray God's protective hand over you and for us to have wisdom and discernment in raising you to being an amazing little man.


  1. Ohhhh great update Jenn, love all the pictures - he is sooo handsome and Mia so sweet! You are doing AMAZING as a mom of two! You are wearing earrings in his "first bath" pic!! Seriously you need to give your self lots more credit! I think today is the first day I remembered to wear earrings and Lucy just turned 3 months ;-). Love you! See you soon for a playdate!

  2. Wonderful update! I love all the pictures of your beautiful children. Looks like you are enjoying every moment with your sweet boy, and that Ms. Mia is a great big sister!

  3. Sweet sweet pictures! Tripp is so cute. Mia is a great big sister.

  4. Yay! Happy one month sweet Tripp! You are so handsome!


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