Summer Fun!

Tuesday, July 12, 2011

We have been busy enjoying summer while we were waiting for Tripp to arrive. The special times were such a blessing I will treasure forever. Mia is now having to adjust to a new "normal" with a baby in our home. Most of these are iPhone action pics, so please excuse the quality.

Mia and Daddy wash the car. She loves to help with chores and now drives her cozy coup through the sprinklers to wash her car like Daddy's.

Pool time fun with Mommy and Mia. I am so happy to retire the maternity swimsuit!!!

Mia at the splash park. This was one of our favorite activities. I had to play with her, it was too hot to just sit with the other moms!

Jack C's pancake party. She is sporting Dora pj's, fruit loop necklace, and a smile!

Princess tea party. She loves dress up with lots of jewelry and her princess clothes. Such special moments for mommies and daughters.

Backyard fun! We slide into our baby pool. It Is lots of fun, but I still dream of the day when we will slide into something deeper than 18 inches!!! Please, please, please Richard????

Playdate with sweet friend Piper. They always have such a good time together!

Cute girls Chloe and Mia. This was after Fathers day brunch at Tillmans. SO yummy!

Important life skill mastered! Drinking the milk when your cereal is gone. We are so proud!

Family date night to see Cars 2 at Studio movie grill. The food was great, but the movie was a bit wild for our taste. Just not as cute as the first one...

Mia and daddy on Father's day. She is wearing one of my necklaces so we could both be "pretty princesses."

Mia and mommy on fathers day. I was really pregnant by this point!

Adorable pic of Chloe and Mia from the fourth of July. She played with friends while we ran back and forth from the NICU to visit Tripp.

Best moment of the whole summer! She loves her baby brother and is so nurturing with him. She has had to cope with so much. My 5 day stay in the hospital, another 3 days of us being back and forth constantly, and then another 3 days of us staying with Tripp at the hospital. Thanks to everyone who stepped into help!

We are all under one roof again and feeling so blessed!

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  1. Oh how sweet she is with her new brother. Congrats and best wishes it all goes smoothly from here!

  2. Love all the pics! And really love the picture of Mia and Tripp, so sweet!


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