Cowgirl Party!

Thursday, May 26, 2011

The cowgirl party was a great success. We had it at a local farm that does a petting zoo and hay ride for the kiddos. They also have lots of other fun animals to look at. We set the tone with a fun country music mix and served BBQ. Mia loved it and that was my main goal! I hope you enjoy the pictures! The invites were great too. I don't have an electronic, but they had a picture of Mia in her cowgirl outfit and a single close up of her boots on the back. Here is what they said:

These Boots are Made for Walking, and that's just what they'll.
So come on out and celebrate, 'cause Mia's turning TWO!

Spring Creek Farms. Here is a picture of the Gazebo where the party was set up.
Happy Birthday Sign. Made from cowgirl scrapbook paper, twine, clothes pins, and cut out letters.
Scrapbook triangles also surrounded the gazebo.

Food Table. Menu included BBQ brisket sandwiches, roughage (veggies),  watermelon, chips, and trail-mix.
Table center pieces. Made of scrap fabric and mason jars filled with babies breath.
It was really windy that day, so we got creative and put the jars inside party cowboy hats to hold them.

Cupcakes and cowgirl picture of Mia. Cupcakes are topped with chocolate moulds in the shape of hats and boots.
Drinks and cowgirl napkins on the dessert table. The water was "moonshine: and the juice boxes were "bug juice"

Stick pony party favors made by Richard's Mom.

She spend so much time, love, and care on the horses. My Mom helped her too. I think they were a hit!

Pictures of Mia, Richard, and I.

Doesn't he make a cute cowboy!

Party guest pictures

Aunt Mandy and Uncle Sam

Family Gitls

Mia and Grancy

Cute Scheffler Family on the hay ride
"City slicker" Aunt Cyndi has a run in with a longhorn. We tried to warn her!

Cute Chloe!

Jude gives Mia a birthday hug...we need to talk about this Heather!

Mia and her special pony with Grancy.

Mia as the train engineer.

Mini pony.

Boys at the party. Marshall, Jake, and Sawyer

My and my new bestie. They were the friendliest goats!

Aunt Chelsi and Uncle Brant

Grancy and Pop



Mia and my belly!

The crazy goats!

Nick and Lainey

Mia and Ya-Ya

Wyatt. All of the kids got to take a cowboy hat home.

Caleb and Jake with mommas.


The Cousins say hello! Chelsi and Brant are having a baby in December. So fun!


  1. what an adorable party! Mia is such a beautiful girl!!

  2. This party is PRECIOUS!! I have been planning Jemma's 2nd birthday party since her first one (because I'm a lunatic) and it's an owl theme but then last week I had a thought that I might want it to be a cowgirl party . .this makes me want to do it!! :)

  3. Perfect Cowgirl Party!!! I love the horse party favors, they are precious!!! Happy Birthday to Mia!!!

  4. Love the party pics. So sad that we had to missed it. Looks like y'all had a great time!

  5. What a FANTASTIC party -- love all of your ideas! That farm is on my summer list of places to visit with my little one...can't wait!

  6. The party looks like it was awesome! I love the horses that your moms special! LOVE all the pictures! Mia is so cute! So fun about Chelsea too! Hope to see you soon!

  7. That picture of Cyndi is so violent.

  8. Can't believe you posted my being speared by that dang long horn. It was an amazing weekend and loved being with you all. Love Aunt Cyndi


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