March update

Monday, April 11, 2011

Okay...I have way too many pictures from last month! We had a wonderful month and the pictures prove it!

Dora ballet adventure premiere party.

Angel food cupcakes we made for the party

Chloe and Mia with their Dora gear

Mia enjoying her cupcake. This kid lives for sweets!

Chilly trip to the zoo with our church group.

Girl trip to Amarillo. We were spoiled and had so much fun with Pops and Ya-ya! Here is a funny video of Mia singing her own praises at the park.

YouTube Video

Mia and Pops at the park.

Playing dress up with Ya-ya.

Ya-ya and Mia at the zoo.

Me and baby bump at the zoo. I am 26 weeks along now. It is really going fast this time!

Mia posing at the zoo.

30th birthday trip with my gal pals. I met all of these girls in college and they such dear lifetime friends. We had a great time of girl talk, pedicures, and being silly! Can't wait for our 40th trip!

Birthday party season is here! This party is for Lily K. It was pump it up and the kids had a blast!

Mia and were spoiled by Richard for being supportive during his busy time at work. I got a manicure and pedicure and he gave us both money to buy new dresses for dinner. He prepared a special dinner of "filet Oscar" which is steak topped with crab meat. Amazing!!! Mia had never liked red meat until she tried this.

Playgroup trip to the arboretum. She looks like such a diva in this picture!

Both of us in Ariel's castle. We love the arboretum in the spring!

Another diva shot. She was enjoying the beautiful day a lot!

Mia will be 2 next month, and I can hardly believe it. I love very stage of being a Mom and I know that won't change! She makes us laugh constantly with the funny things she says and is so loving and affectionate to us both. I know she will be an amazing big sister. She already tells him that she loves him. Speaking of brother...he is doing great too. Getting bigger everyday I think! We have started to do a few things to get ready, but we just don't have the same urgency we had before. I think that is the way it goes for #3!

I am getting set for Mia's party next month. While I can't match what we did last year (for Richard's sake), we are still doing a special party for her...cowgirl themed! I will post lots of pics and give a more detailed Mia update next month. God has blessed us so tremendously...the pictures just prove it!


  1. Love all the pics...the diva one made me laugh!

  2. LOVE the pictures!!! you look gorgeous and mia is precious!!! we need to get together with the girls for lunch!!! XOXO

  3. So sweet!!! Miss you girlies!! Getting excited about our summer of babies! Love you


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