February update

Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Wow...where did February go??? It was a busy month for us, but as always...lots of fun! We found out that Mia is for sure have a BROTHER! AGHHH! We are excited, but freaking out a little bit because of the major change it will be for us. We are open to name suggestions, because so far, we can't agree. The pregnancy is flying by too. I am going on 22 weeks and feeling really good so far. I pray it stays that way!

Mia is doing great too. She is really getting excited about becoming a big sister. I think she will be so nurturing and loving with her brother. My prayer is that she wants me to be the same way with him and does not feel competitive. Her verbal skills still keep us laughing everyday. The most recent is "Oh yeah!" When you ask her a question. It is not like "oh yeah, I forgot." It is more like "OOOH yeah, that is best idea you have ever had." She has discovered disney music and loves to hear "Cereal" (Ariel) over and over again. She will be two in just a few months, so birthday plans are already under way. She is having a vintage cowgirl party. It will be a little smaller scale than her last party, but I still want it to be really special.

Last week marked the third anniversary of Lilly going to be with Jesus. The day had some bittersweet moments, but overall it was okay. God's perfect plan is just so amazingly clear to us now that we can't dwell on that time. We want to always remember the clear perspective that time gave us and move forward in His will. Thank you for the many well wishes and prayers that we received.

Enjoy the pics from our fun month!

Mia and I putting her Dora Valentines together. We had a playgroup party and one with college friends too. So fun!

Special valentine treats I made. I am not a baker, but I enjoyed the fondant process and playing with flavors here. They are vanilla almond cake with a chocolate hazelnut glaze. Pretty yummy!

Playgroup valentine party. They all sat still for a picture, unbelievable! Maybe by next year they will all look at the camera! Our playgroup has been such a blessing the past few years. Over half of the families are expecting babies too, so the fun will continue!
Making our valentine sacks.
Elmo Valentine party hosted by Sawyer and Holly. Here is cute Sawyer and Mia. It was such a cute party!
Playgroup trip to the aquarium. The kids loved it and got to walk by themselves for most of it. They were so tired by the end, but Mia still talks about seeing Nemo.
2nd haircut with the fabulous Marc. This time she had 2.5 inches cut off into a cute little bob. She got to sit up on cushions, where a smock, watch Dora, and eat M&M's. She loved it, but I had to remind her that reality is not so "diva".

Chloe, one of Mia's dearest friends, and our "almost" niece turned 3! She had an adorable princess party with a REAL princess. My friend Sherry did a great job of putting together a great party! Here is the birthday girl.

Princess sweet treats table. See the pink M&M's...they were within Mia's reach, so if we could not find her, we knew she was there. Silly girl!
Cinderella and some of the little princesses. Mia borrowed her outfit from Chloe...princess clothes don't quite come in her size, but she didn't seem to mind.

Family pic at the party.
Playgroup trip to Mockingbird station via the dart train. The kids loved it! Mia and I chanted "where are we going? To the the choo-choo" all day long. I think we will have to do that again. It was a $2 well spent!

Egan and Jack with their Mommas on the train.
Mia, Zane, new baby Kate, with Mommas.
Jake, Camryn, and Caleb with Mommas. This was on the way home, so the kiddos were fading quickly!
Fun times! I hope everyone is doing well and enjoying the newness and blessings of Spring!


  1. What a fun month you had. Congratulations on the soon to be addition of a baby boy!!! My little girl loves having a baby brother and it is fun to see them grow and bond a lifetime of memories. Blessings on your March!!

  2. I came across your blog and wanted to say hello. Your girls are beautiful. We too lost a child, our son Grayson, to SIDS several years ago. After that we adopted from China, then I biologically had two more kids. We've been blessed. I wish you all the happiness as you prepare for your little boy (boys are so sweet!)

    Oh, my son's name is Jack, but for 9 months of my pregnancy he was "Stone", I still love the name Stone!! :)

    Bless you, Kelley



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