19 Months - Update WAY over due!

Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Okay, so I know I have been a really bad blogger! Things have just been so busy around here with holidays and wedding fun. My sister is getting married in just a few weeks, so my home office has been wedding central.

Mia is 19 months old today, so I thought that I would make this a priority today. She is growing into such an amazing little girl. She loves to show affection and say "love you" or "miss you" whenever she feels like it. She is getting really good at adjectives too. Like "heavy", "brrr cold", "yucky", "pretty". She loves to tell you about everything. Her verbal skill continue to amaze me. She talks in pretty complete sentences now. For example she will say "more dip mama please, thank you". It makes it great for communicating with her and I think is helping through some the early toddler phases. She does have to visit time out every once in awhile, but is always heart broken and quick to say "sorry". She can be dramatic, and we find it hard not to laugh at it. I know it needs corrections, but it is pretty minor right now. She loves to dance and play with her babies. Coloring has also become one of her favorite activities.

Since I am so far behind, this is just an Oct/Early Nov update. I will do a big holiday update after Christmas. We had a great Halloween with our friends. Mia loved "punkins" and "carecrows" and she thought trick or treating was the coolest thing ever.

Arboretum with our playgroup. They were not happy about being left on the hay bails.

Mia in her poodle skirt.

Trick or treat pre-party at our neighbors house. This is Mia and Stella enjoying some pizza before we head out.

Mia and Mommy, her little bucket was so small, but we didn't want her to have too much candy!

Richard and Mia. She was the caboose of our whole group, but loved talking to everyone and saying "THANK YOU" for her candy.
Mia doing her "chores" helping me get ready for our Halloween party. She loves to dust and I am not complaining!
Halloween snacks including Mummy Dogs, Monster Crunch, Witch fingers, Dirt, and apple vampires. We did a little pumpkin craft project too, but the results were a little rough. Most of kids enjoyed the process though.
Groups shot at the party. Pictures with this group our tough!
Mia at the park. She was just being too cute, so we snapped a few pictures.
Mia really is getting a lot of hair, so I have been playing with it. She will let me put it in velcro rollers or dry it with a round brush. Too fun!

Baby girl,
We love you so much and are so proud of the little girl you have grown into. You have such joy in you heart and real zeal for life. We pray that you always keep that. Happy Belated 1.5 years! We can't wait to celebrate the holidays with you.
Mommy and Daddy


  1. She is so cute and getting so big. Time goes so fast!!

  2. Sweet update, has it seriously been 7 months since her birthday - my gosh that feels like it just happened!


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