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Monday, November 1, 2010

Mia and I took a recent girls only trip to Chicago. I had a conference to go to and my wonderful Aunt lives there. My Mom joined in the fun as well. Mia absolutely loved the city. She loved all of the people and experiencing so many new things. She also had three "moms" to attend to her every whim...which every girl loves! We did it all from parks, to Navy Pier, Lincoln Park Zoo, shopping on Michigan Avenue, Gino's Pizza. It was GREAT!

Photo shoot in my Aunt Cyndi's condo. The amazing windows gave great light.
My Aunt has a very old cat that tolerated Mia pretty well. In this picture, she had just scared off Tiffin and was asking where she went.

Total DIVA! She was feeling the city and her scarf!
Fun at the park. This park was just across the street from the condo and Mia could be found there most of the week. We really are having as much fun as the pictures show!
"Weee" She loved her Ya-Ya and Cyndi!
Yeah! A smile finally!
We went to a little dive Mexican restuarant and all through dinner, Mia kept saying "Dorda, Dorda!" I thought she was just confused by the atmosphere and music, but just as we finished dinner, we looked up and saw Dora on a pinata right above our heads! She never misses a Dora sighting!
Gino's Pizza...all I can say is YUMMY!

Trip to the zoo while I was at the conference.
Mia and Cyndi.
Mia and Ya-Ya.
Mia taking in the city views on the patio. She was such a city girl!

Cyndi and Ya-ya, thank you both so much for such a fun and memorable week. We loved it! Let's do it again next year!!!
Jenn and Mia


  1. What a fun trip!! She is such a little doll baby.

  2. How fun!! I love the pic of her asking where Tiffin went.

  3. Looks like you all had so much fun! Love that green coat from the zoo photo. Have a good one.

  4. HOw fun!! Love the photos, she is precious, miss her..and you!

  5. Absolutely LOVE these pictures and all the ladies in them! How sweet of a trip!!

  6. Been over a few times to check your blog and hoping all is alright. Enjoy the holiday season with your precious little girl. ML


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