10 Months!

Monday, March 15, 2010

Where is the time going??? Mia is 10 months old! We have been blessed with such a sweet girl. We could not ask for anything better on temperament or personality. She loves to have fun, but would choose snuggling over most other activities. She is thinking about crawling and can now move around on the floor clockwise on her belly. She still has so much to say and claps for herself whenever she thinks she deserves praise. Her latest craze is her baby doll. She wants her to come with us wherever we go and will give her kisses, pats, and "rocka rocka." It is so sweet! She will be one before we know it and party plans are already under way. We can't wait to celebrate Mia and all of the wonderful people that have given more than we could have asked for through her first year of life and even before.

Mia, Mommy and Daddy love you so much! Your innocence and zest for life spur us on to keep a clear perspective on why we are here and what our priorities should be. Thank you for making us better people. We pray for health and happiness in the months ahead, but also that we would gain the wisdom to fully model Christ's love to you so that you may show it to the world. Happy 10 months sweet girl!
Love, Mom and Dad (baba and dada)

Arboretum play day with good friends.

Here comes the model "pout" again...
Sweet friend Chloe. Mia loves her so much. Her Mom, Sherry, is an amazing light in my life too!

Cute bath shot. She loves tubby time!
Photo shoot with Dad.

Things are happening....The house is getting washed to prep for paint!!! More to come soon!


  1. Happy 10 Months, sweet Mia! She is so precious in all of those pictures. I cannot wait to see the amazing work God will do through you guys as parents and through beautiful Mia.

    I also can't wait to see how the paint looks on the house! WOOHOO

  2. What a beautiful little angel! Those shots at the Arboretum are fantastic!

    Yay house!

  3. She is so sweet. That is such a precious picture of Mia and Chloe.

  4. I mean really, could she get any cuter? What a doll!

  5. love it! thanks for sharing the photos!

  6. You have got to go professional with your photography skills, girl! You rock. Thanks for a fun day and for the great pics!!

  7. Hi Jennifer, I found your blog long ago through a friend of a friend and I've followed your journey since then. You have been an inspiration and I love seeing how the Lord has blessed you with sweet Mia. She is so precious!

  8. awww... I love the arboretum pics. Mia is such a little cutie as usual!

  9. So adorable! Ten months already? I'm running low and need a Mia fix. We MUST lunch soon!

  10. Wow is she beautiful! You can just tell by her face she has a great personality...She must have a wonderful mom!

  11. Oh she is so pretty. What is the name of the seat she is in while in the tub? I've never seen such a thing. Happy 10 months enjoy your precious baby! Have you had a chance to use your bibs? I hope you liked them. ML
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